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iTreatMD Patient Engagement

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Produtividade Medical
Developer: iTreatMD

iTreatMD provides a powerful, easy to use, point of care app that is based on years of development, clinical experience and customer care knowledge. It revolutionizes healthcare delivery by helping doctors help their patients.

For doctors, we provide an intuitive user interface on an iPad that offers best practice guidelines or check list for treating a specific disease, which is then used to generate a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Our radically simple UI streamlines patient encounter by eliminating typing and mouse clicks, and minimizing screen changes. We also automatically generate personalized notes for doctors that can then be automatically inserted into an EMR. With iTreatMD, doctors can save up to an hour a day, from the 1.5 to 2 hours they currently spend typing notes in their EMR systems. iTreatMD’s app enables the patient doctor face time to be a meaningful exchange of goals and information – not time spent typing while talking.

Today, iPad apps are already eagerly used in the examining room. iTreatMD codifies the best practice guidelines into a check list format for use in the examining room as a provider reference and a framework for patient instructions and education. Now with iTreatMD, you can engage your patients and provide a customized written treatment plan they can take home and discuss with their loved one or care giver.

For patients, the customized treatment plan gives step by step instructions in “patient speak”, so that they can understand and follow what their doctor has recommended. The treatment plan can be printed in the doctor’s office or emailed to patients. iTreatMD’s unique point of care iPad application provides patients with a written treatment plan – not a “boiler-plate” or “vanilla” treatment plan – but one tailored to their specific needs by their provider. The patients treatment plan is created from evidence-based and peer-reviewed guidelines from major professional and non-profit organizations, vetted and maintained for major diseases and conditions. Guidelines can be augmented or customized to meet unique practice conditions and tailored to match specific successful practice techniques

For medical practices, we provide a consistent, repeatable, and fully documented patient care process to capture billing codes accurately, reduce malpractice issues, and lower the number of calls from patients. Each encounter will be precisely documented, and the billing and diagnosis codes (CPT and ICD10) will be accurately captured. Practices can increase revenue per patient by up to 20% via billing codes most physicians are not aware of. At the same time, the provider can: i) provide attestation for best practices; ii) show clinical quality measures are met; and iii) reduce malpractice costs.

iTreatMD is the product of years of development, clinical experience and customer care knowledge. The founders of iTreatMD have assembled a team of advisers from multiple specialties and have crafted a unique way to present best practice guidelines so that they can be effectively used at the point of care. Complex decision trees and branching logic are not viable in the eight minutes of patient doctor interaction. By employing an innovative database architecture and leveraging the Apple iPad user interface – your workflow will be eased and optimized, not disrupted. Now health care providers have a tool they can use to improve patient care and use the time to actually interact with their patients.

Download the application for free – use it for 30 days and let us know what you think.